Community Investment

Our Mission

L+M Development Partners’ mission is to develop, build, and manage innovative, quality housing with integrity while improving communities and transforming neighborhoods where we work. We know that quality housing isn’t the whole story and therefore take a holistic approach to development and community investment.

To help transform targeted low-income neighborhoods into healthy, vibrant and economically secure communities, we seek to do the following:

  • Strengthen workforce development by increasing job training opportunities and placement in jobs that lead to careers;
  • Improve life outcomes for youth by expanding access to quality educational and youth development programs; and
  • Promote healthy living by improving the availability of nutritious and affordable food and access to fitness programs.

We are motivated by the following values:

  • All people regardless of background should have an equal chance to succeed and climb the economic ladder.
  • To achieve positive change in low-income and underserved communities, it is essential to marshal the resources and expertise of the public and private sectors.
  • By focusing on local communities, L+M can achieve measurable outcomes that improve the life trajectories of low-income people.

L+M partnered with Broad Community Connections (BCC) on the redevelopment of an approximately 61,000 square foot vacant grocery store in New Orleans into a “fresh food hub.” The hub includes a Whole Foods grocery, a commercial kitchen and cafe operated by Liberty’s Kitchen, a teaching kitchen operated by Tulane University, and other commercial space. The project improves access to fresh foods, provides access to workforce development training, and contributes to the post-Katrina revitalization of an important commercial corridor – Broad Street.

Since 2012, L+M has supported afterschool programs for residents of L+M properties and other neighborhood residents in Harlem, the Bronx, and the New Orleans-based Fauborg-Lafitte community. The programs provide a safe and supervised environment for our youth residents along with academically enriching activities, homework support, and caring mentors. In Harlem and the Bronx, we have partnered with New York City Mission Society, Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement, Bronxworks, and Claremont Neighborhood Centers. In New Orleans, we partner with the Sojourner Truth Neighborhood Center. In 2014, we worked with the community-based organization, Hunters Point Family, to introduce an afterschool program for residents of our newly-acquired Candlestick Heights property in San Francisco.

L+M collaborated with other New York affordable housing developers to create Building Skills NY (BSNY) to address the need for greater access to economic opportunities in the communities where affordable housing is being built. BSNY trains and places New Yorkers from low-income communities in jobs in the construction industry with the goal of creating meaningful career paths. As a founding member, L+M places BSNY graduates on many of its construction sites across New York City.

L+M is a Career Program Partner of the Posse Foundation, a comprehensive college access and youth leadership development program. We have hired Posse Scholars and provide ongoing support to the organization.

L+M offers The Captain Manuel Rivera scholarship to commemorate the first New York City resident and the first Hispanic person who died in the Persian Gulf War, Captain Rivera. The scholarships are offered to 10 Bronx high school graduates per year.

To advance our mission to transform neighborhoods, L+M provides financial support to organizations working in targeted communities where we work. Our primary focus is on the South Bronx and East New York/Brownsville neighborhoods.

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