Enhancing Communities

C+C Apartment Management LLC, L+M Development Partners Inc’s management subsidiary, prides itself on an active approach to management which allows us to anticipate and deal with problems and situations before they occur. By viewing our role as not just a property manager but a value manager, we help to ensure that the right decisions are made to achieve the goals of our clients, investors, and residents.

Our Residents:

We know that the quality of life each resident experiences while living at any property is dependent upon caring and professional management. As such, our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, security, maintaining the property in a meticulous manner, and ensuring our personnel have the necessary resources to accomplish their goals.

Every property detail is as important to us as it is to our residents – the training and appearance of building staff, the reliability of mechanical systems, the responsible handling of major capital improvements, the provision of amenities that enhance residents’ lifestyles, and an understanding of the environment that makes each property unique.

Our Team:

One of our keys to success is that we attract and employ exceptional personnel. These professionals possess a vast array of experience in property management and are committed to the highest standards of performance. The portfolios of our property managers and support staff are properly balanced to provide quality management to all of our sites.

Our managers work with their respective teams to deliver all of the essential services necessary to keep a site running efficiently. In conjunction with our experienced accounting personnel, our site personnel work with our senior management team to create and track the building’s budget, expenses, and success. Drawing upon its vast experience, the C+C Apartment Management LLC team designs innovative and effective marketing programs for each site as well as capital plans to ensure the continued quality of our properties. The team also establishes realistic short and long term goals and sees to it that all of the day-to-day needs are met and/or exceeded.

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