Investing in Communities: 2022

At our core, L+M has always been committed to improving the communities in which we work, and our second Impact Report focuses on the impact of our work in the last year.

In the 2022 report, we identified department and company goals in many areas to guide our work and to show our employees how their work and our mission contribute to the company achieving its goals. Additionally, we have included our 2022 goals and progress in meeting them where applicable in the report. While there is always work to do, we are on track and have made progress toward our goals in most areas.

As innovators and leaders in our industry, we hope to provide an example of what holistic and responsible community development looks like. To read our report that highlights our work over the last ten years, please click the links below.

Read the 2022 report here

Previous Impact Reports

In 2021, we published a 10-year retrospective report that highlighted our impact between 2011 and 2020. To read the full report, click here. Alternatively, a summary report is available here.