A Moment with Colister Tappin, L+M’s 2021 Community Investment

L+M reached out to the 2021 intern cohort to find out more about their intern experience and how it informed their professional development. This submission is from Colister Tappin, who interned with our Community Investment team.

What impact did the 2021 summer internship program have on you professionally and personally?

The 2021 summer internship program has made an immeasurable impact on both my professional and personal life. Professionally, this internship has expanded my knowledge about the real estate field, and how various departments interconnect to accomplish a common goal. Personally, it has improved my communication skills and confidence. Whether it be a research assignment, presentation, or sharing an idea, each task significantly enhanced my skillset.

How did L+M live up to its mission, “Working Together to Building Stronger Communities,” through its internal culture and the community they serve?

L+M lives up to its mission “Working Together to Build Stronger Communities” through its internal culture because, as a former intern with the Community Investment department, I witnessed the team being intentional with the programs they developed for communities, whether it be afterschool programs, food drives, or supporting community organizations.

At L+M, every employee is given the opportunity to serve the community. Outside of the several grants made by the company, employees are encouraged to donate to a non-profit organization they are passionate about and L+M matches their donation. This offers everyone the chance to make a difference and build stronger communities.

Based on your experience at L+M, how will the summer experience for the next generation of interns impact their professional development?

The environment at L+M is filled with employees who are willing to teach interns new skills that can certainly boost the inters professional development. At departmental meetings, interns’ opinions and ideas are welcome in discussions, and this fosters a learning environment that can undoubtedly benefit their future careers.

What advice do you have for the 2022 summer interns?

Ask questions and build a network. There will be many topics or procedures you might not be familiar with as an intern, and that is okay! Ask questions and you will certainly learn from it. In this environment of accomplished experts and professionals, you are exposed to a plethora of information and opportunities to build a network; feel free to ask for a few minutes to learn more about a department or a position that might spark your interests. This network that you create could be beneficial for you even after completing your internship!