A Moment with Elian Gomez, L+M’s 2021 Legal Intern

L+M reached out to the 2021 intern cohort to find out more about their intern experience and how it informed their professional development. This submission is from Elian Gomez, who interned with our legal team and is part of the Pencil Ladders for Leaders Program.

What impact did the 2021 summer internship program have on you professionally and personally?

Professionally, the summer 2021 internship allowed me to expand my network. I had the opportunity to connect with various interns and employees at L+M. I was privileged to continue my education on the various components that make a successful real estate development company. Personally, it was amazing to go on site tours and travel all over the city, directly connecting with the work, the teams, and the L+M interns too.

How did L+M live up to its mission “Working Together to Building Stronger Communities” through its internal culture and the community they serve?

L+M employees do indeed work together. Even as an intern, I always felt involved in the work my team does, no matter how challenging. In doing our work, we make sure to better each other along the process, as building stronger communities requires consistent improvement. This accompanies the reminder of who we serve, and why we continue to give our best effort.

Based on your experience at L+M, how will the summer experience for the next generation of interns impact their professional development?

The summer experience will allow future interns to learn about the real estate industry and its specific departments. Through learning, they will acquire skills that will be invaluable. The internship is also an amazing jumpstart to a professional career.

What advice do you have for the 2022 summer interns?

Never be afraid to introduce yourself to others in the company! Everyone is willing to assist and share their expertise.