In 2011, L+M began supporting an after-school program at one of our properties in the Claremont neighborhood of the South Bronx. The program was created in response to residents’ need for both academic enrichment and childcare to accommodate their working hours and began with fewer than 25 students. Today, L+M-sponsored afterschool programming has grown to support almost 350 children and their families annually in the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, Yonkers, Newark N.J., and as far afield as San Francisco, and New Orleans.

Community partnership has been critical to these programs’ success, and L+M has sought out local nonprofit partners who specialize in high-quality afterschool programs that provide educational enrichment, including homework assistance, STEM lessons and a variety of fun and educational activities.

Since 2011, 2,382 children have taken part in these programs, 85 percent of families reported that the program improved their children’s academic performance, and almost half of the participants reported that the program allowed them to get a job, work longer hours or seek employment opportunities.

You can read more about this program and our other priority areas in our 2021 Social Impact Report.