The Adeline

24 West 117th Street, Manhattan, NY 10035

Number of Units:


Property Size:

25,000 SF (Retail)

Completion Year:



Sg Studios

The Harlem 116th and Harlem 117th site is located in the middle of the Harlem block bounded by 116th Street, 117th Street, Lenox Avenue and Fifth Avenue. The building features two residential structures rising above below-grade parking and approximately 25,000 square feet of street-level commercial/community facilities. The development will contain 194 residential units, from studio apartments to four-bedroom units. One 12-story residential structure (83 market-rate homeownership units) is located on 116th Street and another nine-story residential structure (111 affordable rental units) will front 117th Street. The ground floor is leased to Blink Fitness. Completed in 2014, the total development cost was $90 million.