Investment Management

Investing in the Future of NYC

L+M’s fund management team manages discretionary real estate private equity funds with $950 million in capital raised from institutional investors

Since 2008, L+M’s fund business has been committed to investing, preserving and developing workforce, affordable, mixed-income and market-rate housing, as well as retail and office properties in the greater New York area.

L+M’s separate accounts and discretionary funds have been market makers, demonstrating the ability to invest significant private capital in the NYC workforce, mixed-income and affordable housing market.

Through these investment funds, L+M employs value-add strategies to acquire and develop affordable and mixed-income multifamily housing in the NYC metro area.

L+M is able to deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns by combining conventional asset repositioning and operational efficiencies with regulatory programs through a fully integrated team of investment professionals with development, construction, finance and operations expertise.

L+M’s fund management platform combines the discipline and successful track record of financially-driven real estate investing with a commitment to the creation of high-quality housing and vibrant communities in the NYC area.

To date, the L+M fund management group has successfully acquired and/or financed the acquisition or development of over 10,000 multifamily units in more than 40 fund investments with greater than $2.8 billion in total capitalization.

L+M’s fund management platform is currently focused on opportunities in three primary areas:

  • Acquisition of existing affordable and workforce multifamily assets (e.g. project-based Section 8 buildings, enhanced voucher properties, former or current Mitchell-Lama developments and large-scale rent stabilized portfolios)
  • Development of ground-up new construction multifamily and mixed-use projects (e.g. 50/30/20 or 80/20 projects)
  • Distressed real estate opportunities (e.g. note-purchases, bridge investments)

The target size for equity investments is $15+ million for development and $25+ million for acquisitions but can be greater (or lesser) depending on the nature of the opportunity. If you have an interest in partnering with L+M for capital or strategic needs, please feel free to contact Eben Ellertson at 212.600.2922.

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