Keiona Morse

A Moment with Keiona Morse, L+M’s 2022 Sustainability Intern

L+M reached out to the 2022 intern cohort to find out more about their intern experience and how it informed their professional development. This submission is from Keiona Morse, who interned with our sustainability team.

What impact did the 2022 internship program have on you professionally and personally?

L+M’s internship program exceeded my expectations. I was able to advance my career skills and develop tools I needed to grow in my profession. Additionally, I applied the skills I learned during my internship to other professional opportunities.

Based on your experience at L+M, how will the summer experience for the next generation of interns impact their professional development?

The internship will prepare the next generation for their careers, increase their professional value and be an asset to their professional development. In addition, the experience will impact them for a long time because it will create more career opportunities.

What are you doing now?

I am continuing to pursue a career in sustainability.

What advice do you have for the 2023 summer interns?

My advice is to complete all of your projects, make connections with your cohort and in the company, and enjoy what you are doing throughout the internship.

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