A Moment with Lares Monge, L+M’s 2022 Builders Intern

L+M reached out to the 2022 intern cohort to find out more about their intern experience and how it informed their professional development. This submission is from Lares Monge, who interned with our builders team.

What impact did the 2022 summer internship program have on you professionally and personally?

I was offered many networking opportunities throughout my L+M summer internship.  In addition, my engagement with the L+M teams, participation in community investment events and collaboration with my fellow summer interns contributed to me having a great experience overall.  

Based on your experience at L+M, how will the summer experience for the next generation of interns impact their professional development?

The summer program at L+M was the best internship opportunity I have had in my career so far, because it gave me real-life work experience in my field. As a result, it has helped me progress in my professional career.

What are you doing now?

I am finishing my third year in the Architecture program at the University of Miami.

What advice do you have for the 2023 summer interns?

Ask a lot of questions, network, and get to know your fellow interns, as well as everyone you’re working with at L+M.