Speaker Series

Future Housing Leaders + Gen-2-Gen Events

For over 10 years, L+M has provided career path mentoring to high school and college students from diverse and underrepresented communities as they explore the commercial real estate, construction, and property management industry through its internship program. In 2021, the program extended to include events in partnership with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which connected interns with industry leaders, provided access to career mentorship, and gave them exposure to the affordable housing industry.

Fannie Mae’s Future Housing Leadership Program is a supplementary ‘a la carte’ curriculum that equips L+M interns with skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the housing industry. It includes exclusive training resources, including access to Fannie Mae University and web-based resources, and access to a growing professional network through events and the Future Housing Leadership Program LinkedIn group.

Our internship partnership with Freddie Mac, through our inaugural Building Stronger Communities Together Gen-2-Gen Speaker Series, supports our interns with insights from a diverse group of leaders. Additionally, the speakers provide career mentoring to optimize the internship experience and ensure our interns have the right tools to take charge of their professional future.

We look forward to bringing these experiences to our 2022 summer intern cohort!

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