National Black Theatre Redevelopment


Number of units

260,000 GSF

Property size

National Black Theatre Redevelopment will include a 22-story building and serve as the permanent home for the NBT, ensuring that the theater can continue to grow by offering an array of activities that benefit the public. It will also include community spaces, activated retail, a large-scale events venue, and 222 new residential rental units (25% affordable, 75% market rate) under the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and 421-a Affordable New York programs.

The project was designed by Handel Architects and Frida Escobedo Architects. Handel Architects’ commitment to making cities a better place to live is evidenced by their urban infrastructure and master planning projects and high-density, mixed-use, mixed-income, multifamily projects that serve as catalysts for positive urban and social change.  Frida Escobedo Architects’ approach to design is informed by an unmistakable material sensibility and intuitive feeling for pattern.