America on Tech

Funding will support a Summer Tech Camp in East New York/Brownsville for summer 2021. The Camp will include sessions about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Students will also participate in fireside chats with current technologists in the industry, career days (either virtual or in-person) and will work on a final project to demonstrate what they have learned.

Association to Benefit Children

Funding to enhance virtual support and programing for ABC’s Early Head Start program.


Support for four separate programs, including renewed support for two afterschool programs that provide general enrichment, the Third Avenue Afterschool Program, and the Bronxchester Afterschool program. As well as renewed support for a Community Services program at Bronxchester that includes summer camp, workforce development, and senior programming provided in the community facility space at Bronxchester; and support for a resident’s services program at Baychester and Murphy that includes case management, workforce development, and health and wellness workshops and programming.

Brownsville Community Justice Center

Support for youth development programming to engage Marcus Garvey (MGA) youth in case management, leadership development, community benefit projects, and creative placemaking activities, as well as additional programming at the youth clubhouse that will include workforce development training, community events, social enterprise training, and Youth Clubhouse Market Days.

Brownsville Community Sports Zone

Support for Brownsville Community Sports Zone to engage local youth through sports programming. The program will connect families to academic, medical, nutritional, and workforce development resources; and provide capacity building support for local sports-based initiatives.

Brownsville Think Tank Matters

Brownsville Think Tank Matters will receive support for two programs: an anti-violence and community empowerment program at and near Marcus Garvey Apartments and a program that supports training workshops to prepare Brownsville residents for entry-level positions in construction and public safety.

Chinese American Planning Council

Support for general programing and activities.

Claremont Neighborhood Centers

Support for the Claremont-Parkview Afterschool Program, which provides general enrichment.

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Support for the Student Success Center at Thomas Jefferson Educational Campus in East New York to provide individual counseling, group workshops, SAT prep classes, college trips, support for college applications, academic enrichment, and parent engagement to all four schools at the Campus.

District 1 Schools

Support for an after-school program with two cohorts per year. The program will have the students explore the Lower East Side neighborhood, its history, and its ongoing evolution through exposure to many of Essex Crossing’s wide-ranging components to immerse students in all the community has to offer. Programming will include a tour of the construction sites guided by leaders of Essex Crossing’s development to learn how the buildings are being built, from design to construction, as well as interactive projects with diverse tenants and neighbors.

East New York Farms

Support for internships and externships for youth ages 13-18 to operate two farms and farmers’ markets, provide gardening assistance at community gardens across East New York, and learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Funding will also allow East New York Farms to implement mini grants to support food access projects that are run by and for East New York residents and that seek to increase access to or consumption of healthy food.

Elite Learners

Support for Elite Learners community-based mentoring programs; Brothers Bonded/Elite Girls, Ladies and Queens. The programs empower youth to become community leaders and includes workshops in art therapy and expression, themed bonding topics/events, one-on-one and group mentoring sessions that focus on positive decision making, social media responsibility, goal setting, developing healthy relationships, college readiness, financial responsibility, and successful transitioning from adolescents to adulthood.

Empowering Youth Towards Excellence

Support for youth development activities which will serve youth ages 5-15 through sports training, college awareness activities and visits, intergenerational activities, community service, and weekly educational outings.

Generation Citizen

Support for an Action Civics program for 8th and 9th grade classrooms at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem during the 2021 school year (spring and fall). Students will receive an effective, action-oriented civics education that promotes long-term civic engagement and builds collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills over 14 lessons. Through student-driven projects, youth will learn how to effect policy change by engaging with local government and leaders to solve community problems.

Good Shepherd Services

Support for Good Shepherd Services’ Groundwork for Success College prep program serving over 75 middle and high school students who are motivated to go to college but lack access to the needed support to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Grand Street Settlement

Support for the Marcus Garvey Apartments Afterschool (MGA) Program and Summer Camp, which provides general enrichment.

GrassROOTS Community Foundation

Support for an Intergenerational technology and gardening education program at Georgia King Village (GKV). High-school girls from GKV will be trained to work with a small cohort of seniors to help increase their familiarity with using technology. Middle-school girls and seniors will participate in gardening education sessions and activate and plant vegetables in the raised planter beds at GKV.

Grow NYC

Support for a Youthmarket farm stand at Baychester and a food box CSA delivery to Murphy and the surrounding community to increase healthy food access.

Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement/Hands That Make a Difference

Support for the Bradhurst Afterschool Program, which provides general enrichment.

Harlem Lacrosse

Support for a full-time middle school girls’ program in the South Bronx (at M.S. 223 and South Bronx Preparatory School) that aligns with HL’s strategic plan and commitment to equal opportunity for girls.

Harold Hunter Foundation

Support for a Spring/Summer pilot Brownsville Youth Skate Clinic to help expose youth in Brownsville to skateboarding and to activate a new skatepark. The program will provide a coach with skateboarding equipment for youth to use free of charge during the Spring and Summer months. Free one-hour Skate clinics will also be provided to help youth learn the fundamentals of the sport.

Henry Street Settlement

Support for general programing and activities.

Hunters Point Family Inc.

Support for the Candlestick Heights Afterschool Program, which provides general enrichment.

International Center of Photography

Support of ICP’s Infinity Awards to fund educational programs, public programs and ICP Talks.

Lead by Example Reverse the Trend

Support for a youth violence prevention program in Harlem that will recruit youth ages 18-24 to participate in an 8-week violence prevention and mentoring program. Programming will provide communications skills training, critical thinking and conflict resolution exercises, peer mediation and social awareness. Select participants will receive OSHA 30, related Site Safety and Drug and Alcohol awareness trainings support to their violence prevention training and receive job-readiness and placement support.

Let’s Get Ready

Support to increase the number of students from the Bronx receiving virtual academic, Transition and Success coaching. The approach will focus on expanding strategic partnerships and virtual innovation. The program will collaborate with local area nonprofits and schools to auto-enroll incoming freshman and college-bound high-school seniors into the Transition and Success coaching programs. Funding will also support the program’s use of innovative virtual solutions, developing differentiated curricula to support students most impacted by COVID-19, and using data to provide targeted, individualized support.

Lower East Side Employment Network

Support for two cohorts of workforce construction training.

Lucille Rose Day Care

Support for the Arverne View Afterschool Program, which provides general enrichment.

Meeting Essential Needs with Dignity (MEND)

Support for nutrition counseling services and a monthly free fresh food market onsite at the Georgia King Village and Zion Towers spring through fall. Funding will also provide monthly fresh produce delivery to patrons of two local food pantries that our residents frequent in Newark’s South and West Wards.

New York Institute of Technology

Support for the integration of STEM education into programs delivered by selected community partners, including afterschool partners delivering property-based afterschool programs.

Newark Community Street Team

To provide renewed support for Newark Community Street Team to deliver case management, high-risk intervention services, Victims’ services, and other community safety programming for and with residents of Georgia King Village and Zion Towers.

Osborne Association

Support for the Justice Community, a training and employment program for youth who are recently incarcerated or on probation. The project aims to redirect youth towards education, employment, and a secure, self-determined adulthood. Funding will support virtual programing; and help increase access to programming for those who lack technology/Wi-Fi and program incentives.

Project Access Resources Centers

Support of a resident social services coordinator, and afterschool programming for youth at El Rancho Verde.

Project EATS

Support for the urban farm at MGA, and the rooftop farm at Essex Crossing. Funding will continue to support Project EATS’s (PE) Resident Workforce Development and Employment and Community Health programs in Brownsville. This includes support for the Youth Trainee and Youth Fellowship in community health and farming; outreach and delivery of Community Health programming; and the continued engagement of community residents through the farm’s distribution programs; community meals, placemaking, and dialogues. Programming at the Essex farm focuses on community health with partnerships with other neighborhood organizations.


Support for construction training.

Reconnect Brooklyn

Continued general support to connect young men ages 17-24 to education and employment.

RISE/Rockaway Waterfront Alliance

To support the Shore Corps Green Internship, RISE’s signature year-round youth leadership development and service-learning program for high school students from underserved communities in the Rockaways. Through a hybrid of hand-on and virtual programming, students will enhance their critical thinking and academic skills in preparation for higher education, while working to improve their community and the built and natural environment in the Rockaways.


Riseboro will receive support for two programs. Funding will also provide renewed support to the “Bushwick Cooks: Saratoga Grows!” program, an interactive food literacy and growing program for the members of Saratoga Square Senior Center and residents of the Saratoga Village Houses. Funding will support implementation of the first Worker Cooperative Academy, and continued design and launch of the project leadership team of a worker-owned coop development program in Central Brooklyn.

Rockaway YMCA

To support swimming and water safety lessons for children and teens at the Rockaway YMCA’s aquatics center.

Tenement Museum

General support for the Museum.

The Campaign Against Hunger

Funding will help support the expansion of the Green Teen program to the Arverne East Farm to grow food to feed the community and provide employment for local youth of color (ages 14 to 24) from underserved communities in the Rockaways. Youth trainees will learn soft job skills, STEM-related skills, plant biology, proper tool usage, community agreements, customer service, and sales.

The Knowledge House

Support to grow the reach of digital skills training programs, and to support the delivery of digital fluency workshops and career exploration programs to youth and families in Bronx neighborhoods. Part-time employees will be trained to deliver workshops and career programs to youth and families in local neighborhoods; and to work on developing and launching technology tools (including the Bronx Digital Pipeline online portal and jobs board); and to develop an in-house online learning platform.

The Newark Museum of Art

Support for the implementation of STEM education programs in four schools serving youth from Georgia King Village and support for the Museum’s STEM lab.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Funding will support an “Out of School” initiative for students (who are over-age or have been held back in school) in East New York delivered in a hybrid model. Middle school and high school students will be supported two days a week. Students will receive academic support (e.g., one-on-one, and small group tutoring, homework help), in addition to weekly electives. Elective activities will integrate leadership development skills of effective communication, decision making, conflict resolution, collaborative practices, and community service projects.

Uptown Grand Central

Support for a cleaning and greening improvement project that collects trash on and cleans the East 125th Street corridor.

We Run Brownsville

Support for the expansion of a Wellness Initiative pilot program that will provide mental health counseling services to Brownsville community members. This program aims to address trauma of COVID-19 and the harmful effects of institutional and structural racism on mental health. The program includes individual/family counseling sessions where Brownsville residents will have access to free counseling services from culturally reflective psychologists, social workers, and licensed counselors; and a referral service and feedback loop to help connect community members to appropriate counselors and receive feedback to highlight care successes or identify obstacles.

YMCA of Newark and Vicinity

To provide renewed support for the Georgia King Village Afterschool Program, which provides general enrichment.

Youth Design Center (formerly Made in Brownsville)

Support for the Creative Apprenticeship Program which provides training in videography, graphic design, apparel, and product design, HTML5, and 3D design. The program also provides site visits and capstone projects to expose participants to professional settings, support individual growth, and career planning skills.