In recognition of Earth Day, we wanted to share with you some of the efforts we are making on our projects to conserve and protect valuable energy resources.

Arverne View in the Rockaways was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy. Flooding from the superstorm completely submerged mechanical equipment in water and consequently, residents were left without power for several weeks. The devastation was captured in the documentary short Transformed: A Tale of the Rockaways.

When preparing for the rehabilitation work at Arverne View, our team planned for resiliency and incorporated energy efficiency measures. Resiliency measures help systems withstand serious events and quickly recover.

Our rehabilitation work included updates to the apartment interiors – including installing Energy Star appliances, the building common areas, landscaping, and roof replacement, as well as cladding the concrete façade to prevent leaks and drafts.

We undertook substantial mechanical and electrical equipment upgrades. This included installing onsite generators to power elevators and emergency lighting. The team implemented efficiency measures like replacing lights with LEDs, new ventilation and low-flow fixtures.

In order to improve resiliency, the team made significant efforts to elevate the building’s mechanical systems, which will reduce the risk of damage from flooding.

The project was awarded a FEMA grant to finance a solar and battery storage system, which supplemented resiliency in a power outage. The grant also financed additional landscaping that created barriers and improved the surrounding areas

L+M partnered with Bright Power to install the solar panels and battery storage systems including installing 36 kW solar PV and a 36 kW battery storage, which has reduced energy consumption by about 30%.

In addition to adapting solar, our team is looking for other ways to conserve energy from the early planning stages to retrofitting existing buildings. We look forward to sharing more of these project highlights in the coming months.