L+M grantee NYC Urban Debate League prepares students for the 2019 Bronx Fall Debate

Part of L+M’s mission is to strengthen the neighborhoods where we work, and last year L+M supported 47 incredible organizations committed to that same mission. This group of diverse and dedicated non-profits organizations formed the L+M 2019 Grantee Cohort and worked throughout the year to strengthen and improve their communities in the areas of Education and Youth Development, Workforce Development, and Health and Well-Being.

In 2019, some of community partners and our grantees’ accomplishments included:

  • Growing and distributing more than 12,000 pounds of food
  • Serving more than 2,600 students who participated in a range of programs including summer camps, debate programs and sports.
  • Providing more than 1,400 hours of internship and enrichment programming
  • Served 350 children across 12 afterschool programs
  • Hosting financial literacy workshops for 326 participants
  • Delivering more than 300 hours of job training sessions for over 500 participants
  • Providing more than 250 hours of college prep to over 1,200 students
  • Delivering more than 250 health and nutrition workshops
  • Providing 243 individual financial counseling sessions
  • Making more than 450 job placements
  • Helping 115 individuals with tax preparation services

Thank you for all your efforts in 2019, Grantees! We look forward to sharing the 2020 Grantees with you soon!

February 2020