L+M’s Sandwich Making Challenge Delivers

Our team raced to make over 1,500 peanut and jelly sandwiches last week as part of a challenge developed in partnership with Grassroots Grocery, an L+M grantee.

More than 100 members of our team volunteered for the challenge in recognition of Hunger Action Month. The sandwiches were delivered to community fridges and organizations in the Bronx, Northern Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Newark, NJ.

Grassroots Grocery (formerly known as Mott Haven Fridge) uses a hyper-local, volunteer-powered, community-centered approach to bring dignified access to healthy food in the heart of under-resourced communities within upper Manhattan and the Bronx. They also support ten community fridges that provide free food 24/7 and 30 local community sites in the boroughs. 

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