Relationships – A New Home

L+M recently formalized our company values, and we asked our staff to share some of their stories that they feel exemplify our company values. This submission came from Fatima Amate-Perez on our Leasing and Marketing team, and we think it’s a stellar example of our key values: Relationships.

“We often request referrals from our connections in HPD/DHS for units specifically set aside to assist in sheltering those who may not have a home. DHS referred Mr. Jones [not his real name] to HPD, who in return referred Mr. Jones to me. Because I am very familiar with homeless applicants and know they often need assistance with obtaining documents as well as an extra encouraging push to help them to meet deadlines, I contacted Mr. Jones myself. Due to Covid and him being elderly and having very little computer knowledge, I spent a lot of time on the phone with him, teaching him how to use a scanner app and checking in with him on a daily basis to remind him we would make this work for him.

The process of getting someone out of a shelter and into a set aside unit can be very tedious and sometimes can last months before approval, making it easy for these applicants to lose hope. Mr. Jones told me many stories about how difficult shelter life was and how he was getting too old to continue mentally dealing with those hardships. Although I am only doing my job as a leasing coordinator, it makes me happy to see how someone can appreciate my work and the effect it has on their lives.

My relationship with HPD helped me create a relationship with Mr. Jones, and we all had one goal in common: getting someone who deserves it a place to call home.”

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