Integrity – It All Starts with Integrity

L+M recently formalized our company values, and we asked our staff to share some of their stories that they feel exemplify our company values. This submission came from Mitch Britton on our Security team, and we think it’s a stellar example of our key values: Integrity.

“When I was first hired in 2014 I was assigned to our Central Harlem portfolio.  C+C Management was the new management company in town and the residents of the buildings had no faith that our mission was to provide the best possible experience for residents at our property.  I knew I had to be part of a team that the residents got to know and see on a daily basis.  I would make it my duty to get as much “face time” with the residents as possible. I would stand outside of the properties and speak with the residents as they came and went from the building until I knew their names and they knew me.  It didn’t take long before they saw the commitment of our company and it gave them a sense that management is always around the property. I had an open door policy.

This gave the residents reassurance that C+C is a hands-on management company and it didn’t take long before the trust kicked in, since they saw the commitment and integrity everyday when I would interact with them.  The residents would come up to me and ask questions about getting repairs in their apartment and would also give valuable information that helped me make the place they called home safe.  When they would give me information that may have been detrimental to their safety and wellbeing at the building, it helped me make their lives better because of the trust and the integrity they saw in me to get the job done.  Even though I spend my time on other sites now, to this day I still get calls from some residents in Central Harlem just to check in with me. And of course before I end the call I ask “Is there anything I can do for you, is everything ok?” and if there is something I can help them with, I will do everything in my power to make it happen.  It all starts with INTEGRITY.”

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