L+M Development Partners is proud to announce we are supporting 47 incredible organizations who form the 2019 Grantee Cohort. This group of diverse and dedicated non-profits work tirelessly to strengthen and improve their communities in the areas of Education and Youth Development, Workforce Development and Healthy Living.

Here are a few from each of the categories, but for the full list please visit our 2019 Grantees page. We look forward to sharing updates from these groups with you throughout the year!

Hot Bread Kitchen will use their grant to expand their Bakers in Training program. The program is an intensive training and apprenticeship that prepares women for careers in the culinary sector. The grant will also allow Hot Bread Kitchen to employ alumnae to implement non-traditional outreach methods to recruit from harder-to-reach populations and build relationships with new “high road” employers to increase the number of job opportunities available to graduates. https://hotbreadkitchen.org/

New York City Urban Debate League will use their grant to expand their acclaimed scholastic debate program to an additional 5 to 10 schools. The program, which includes debate practices and weekend tournaments, helps students develop their public speaking skills, research techniques and team work abilities. The Urban Debate League plans to establish the organization’s first Bronx Summer Debate Institute and extend debate programming to selected L+M afterschool programs through this partnership. https://www.debate.nyc/

The Little Sisters of the Assumption will use their grant to expand and customize the organization’s current asthma program, which identifies and remediates in-home asthma triggers, to serve more households. Funding will also support data collection that will allow Little Sisters of the Assumption to promote the ongoing sustainability of the program through the development of a value-based proposition. https://littlesistersfamily.org/