Respect – What Does it Mean to You?

L+M recently formalized its company values, and we asked our staff to share some of their stories that they feel exemplify our company values.  This submission, fifth in a series of six, came from Nick Papakostopoulos on our Property Management team, and we think it’s an excellent example of one of our key values: Respect.   

“Growing up, I was taught to respect the school janitor as much as the CEO. You must give respect – no matter what race, color, religion, wealth status – if you want to be treated with respect.

When I think about the respect we should have for one another as people, I think about how our community came together after the fire at one of our properties a few months ago. Thankfully there were no injuries or casualties to report; however, there was a real sense of sadness seeing 20 families displaced from their homes due to the damage caused by the fire in one of the units.

Some of the displaced residents went to stay with family members, some of them found shelter with assistance from the Red Cross, but many of the families lost everything they possessed. As sad as this was to see, the events that transpired afterwards really showed me the respect my colleagues have for our residents.

It was incredible to see how my fellow property manager coworkers came together to secure shelter for the displaced residents and provide living essentials such as air mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, and toiletries. Several of my colleagues showed up to move donated furniture and distribute it to those most in need. In addition, staff throughout the company contributed over 100 needed items via an Amazon Wishlist that one of my colleagues set up.

What was even more remarkable to see was the reaction from staff working at the sites that the displaced residents were moving into; they were amazed that we were all pulling together to go to such great lengths for our residents. They also recognized the respect we have for our residents and, in turn, have expressed their respect to us as a company and people.

In closing, respect for one another goes a long way, and we should never lose sight of that.”

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