Training Lays the Foundation for a Career in Construction

(L – R) Some of The Carolina team, including Eric Calabrese, Mark Trashaj, Jeannine Britt and Josh Elkin

Jeannine Britt grew up on the Lower East Side and it’s also where she began to grow her career in construction. Her career path has been a focused effort that showcases Jeannine’s persistence and skills, and highlights how she was able to utilize training opportunities and experience to secure a full-time role.

Jeannine took the first step in her career in construction by participating in local OSHA 10 training offered by Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES). GOLES is part of the Lower East Side Employment Network (LESEN), a specialized workforce development agency in Lower Manhattan.

The GOLES OSHA 10 training, combined with Jeannine’s previous work experience in parks and building maintenance, led Jeannine to the Delancey Street Associates (DSA) sponsored flagger class, which was the next steppingstone on her career path. With the GOLES and DSA training under her belt, Jeannine was able to land a position at Essex Crossing as a general laborer.

Jeannine worked for several months at Essex but as the building got closer to completion and the construction started to wind down, Jeannine began to look for another position. Jeannine secured another role and although she was working elsewhere, she kept in touch with her LESEN employment coordinator. When Jeannine’s coordinator reached out and suggested she apply to the Essex Crossing Construction Workforce Program, Jeannine jumped at the chance.

The program, which was created by DSA in collaboration with LESEN, provides training to local residents on essential construction safety and soft skills. Jeannine was able to further develop her construction skills through this program, including completing the OSHA 30 Certification.

At the end of the Essex Crossing Construction Workforce training, Jeannine met representatives from Workforce 1 and Building Skills NY. She utilized her networking skills and built relationships with contacts at both workforce agencies, who helped her cast a wide net while looking for new job opportunities.

After some time and patience, Jeannine was offered an opportunity to interview for a job working directly for L+M. During her interview, Jeannine expressed the valuable lessons she learned at past jobs, the complexities of working a hoist at a busy construction site and the importance of being organized and prioritizing work.

Jeannine aced her interview and has been a full-time laborer for almost a year at The Carolina, a 100% affordable mixed-use project in Harlem. Welcome to the team, Jeannine!

DSA is a partnership between L+M, BFC Development Partners and Taconic Investment Partners along with Grand St. Settlement.

February 2020
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