Introducing Our 2021 Grantees

One of our newest grantees, GrassROOTS Community Foundation develops wellness programs for women and girls. (Photo courtesy of GrassROOTS Community Foundation)

We are thrilled to introduce our 2021 grantees, a select group of 48 nonprofit organizations that work in communities across New York, New Jersey, and California. The 2021 cohort will collectively offer 14 newly funded programs and 42 returning programs to L+M residents and surrounding communities.

The 2021 grantees’ programming relates to four priority areas: Education and Youth Development, Workforce Development, Health and Well-Being, and Social Justice. Many grantees will be working to support communities severely impacted by COVID-19 and addressing issues such as access to technology, food insecurity, and support for hybrid educational programming.

We look forward to working with these grantees in 2021 as they serve their communities. A few highlights from some of our 2021 grantee programs are included below:

The GrassROOTS Community Foundation

Support for an intergenerational technology and gardening education program at Georgia King Village (GKV) in Newark, New Jersey. High-school-aged girls from GKV will train to help senior women increase their familiarity with using a tablet, accessing virtual meeting platforms and using email and other internet programs. Another group of middle-school-aged girls and senior women from GKV will participate in gardening education sessions and activate and plant vegetables in the raised beds at the property.

Generation Citizen

Support for an Action Civics program for nine 8th and 9th graders at the Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem during the 2021 school year. Students will receive an effective, action-oriented civics education that promotes long-term civic engagement and builds collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. Through student-driven projects, youth will learn how to effect policy change by engaging with local government and leaders to solve community problems.

The Knowledge House

Support to expand the reach of digital skills training programs and the development and launch of technology tools to help address the digital divide for Bronx residents.

America on Tech

Support for a Summer Tech Camp in East New York/Brownsville for summer 2021. The camp will include two 3-week programs for students between the ages of 16-19 and teach them about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Students will also participate in fireside chats with current technologists in the industry as well as career days.

Please visit for the full list of 2021 grantees.

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